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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find someone to help my organisation get started?

Grevillea Consultants supervises the development of Positive Teams and its resources.  You can contact it to find out who can help you get started and discuss what will work best for your organisation.
Email: info@grevilleaconsultans.com.au            Web: www.grevilleaconsultants.com.au

Do we have to pay for resources?

The cost of all resources is included in the initiation session and registration.  This includes resources that are developed and added to the Positive Teams website while the registration is active.

How does using an internal trainer help reduce costs?

The fees for an external trainer/facilitator is a large part of the set-up cost.  For some organisations this will not be an issue as external support brings added benefits.  If you have many teams to initiate and want to set up an internal trainer/facilitator then external costs are are reduced to the cost of facilitator training, program supervision and the registration of each team.  The registration makes the Positive Teams intellectual property available, including the initial training materials not included on the website.  For large numbers this can prove to be a substantial saving.

Is registration expensive?

Not at all. When the team registration is divided per team member it proves quite inexpensive.  It can work out half or less that many standard team development instruments currently on the market.  Better yet, this registration includes resources added to the resource site during the two years of registration.  Given that many standard instruments cost double and are for a one off intervention, Positive Teams is extraordinary value for money.

How do we work out the costs for our organisation?

Costs are worked out with the person delivering Positive Teams for you.  This is so costs can match your organisation's situation.  The issues listed above are addressed to find the delivery option that provides best value for you.

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