Positive Team

How to Start Positive Teams

Positive Teams can be started for teams at any time.  It requires an initial start up session to introduce concepts and method then the team can take it from there.  Teams are also supported by online resources to make it easier for them.

Meeting agenda
The Initial Session
An introduction that gets straight into it

It takes only one session to launch the Positive Teams process for a team.  This one day session introduces the elements for team wellbeing as well as the processes and method for achieving it.

Internal or External Trainers
Finding the flexible option that suits

When organisations have a large number of teams to work with they can choose to run the initial sessions in-house.  Once a trainer is accredited the organisation only needs to register each team it initiates so they can access the online resources.

Ongoing Support for Teams
Online resources exclusively for Positive Teams

Once a team is initiated and registered it can access the on-line resources from the Positive Teams website.  These are found in the Active Positive Teams section of the website.  Teams get access for two years.  Why two years?  Because the turnover of team members for many teams or the passing of time for other teams means it is time for a refresher process for ongoing registration.  For very stable teams, they may not need a refresher or ongoing support.  They have so integrated the Positive Teams practices that they don't need a refresher or ongoing support.  Whatever the situation, each team can self-assess and choose their own path.

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