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The Positive Teams Method

The Positive Teams method is designed to integrate into the normal meeting and decision making processes of a team.  Once a team is initiated into the Positive Teams method it can independently manage the process for itself.  It is supported with resources from the Positive Teams website, made available for the exclusive use of participating Positive Teams.

OPQ method

The O-P-Q Method
Learning and Quality Combined

The core of the method is the O-P-Q cycle.  This stands for Observe, Plan and Quality Action.  The O-P-Q cycle combines the methods of action learning with quality improvement.  Integrated resources available from the  Positive Teams website provide guidance and aids to help teams adopt the three practices: positive, proactive and pragmatic.  The net result is that teams engage in a serious of actions that build their wellbeing.  These actions can simultaneously improve relationships with stakeholders, solve operational problems and build the focus and energy of the team to boost their productivity.

A Self-managed Process
Full integration into team routines

One of the many great things about Positive Teams is that once a team is initiated into the process it can manage the process on its own.  It is not required to hire or buy further services.  This independence is an important element of the team's responsibility for its own wellbeing.  It also enables the team to be flexible and adapt the many process options to suit their workplace and style.

A Track Record of Commitment
Keeping track to keep motivated

The operational life of organisations keeps rolling on.  Many great initiatives can be lost and forgotten as the next day's tasks take over.  Part of the Positive Teams method is to record the actions taken and the results.  This is important in three ways.  One, it helps make sure actions get done!  Two, it feeds into the quality improvement process to make actions more effective.  And three, it supports the team's memory of what it has done over time.  This can reinforce the team's sense of responsibility for its own wellbeing as well as providing a record of its commitment and effort.  It becomes possible then for Positive Teams to share ideas and successful strategies with each other in an atmosphere of mutual support.

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