Positive Team

What Makes a Positive Team?

Positive Teams engage in three types of practice:

Three practices

Positive Practice
(Nourishing People)

Positive Practice applies the five elements that correspond with greater happiness and wellbeing.  It is a practical approach that focuses on the steps teams can take to implement them.  These elements make it possible for teams to increase their wellbeing and successfully address the many challenges and decisions they face in their work.

Proactive Practice
(Engaging People)

Proactive Practice applies the three elements that go with living a good working life.  It is an approach that encourages team members to strengthen how they engage in their work.  The three elements provide people with a dynamic resource that allows them to find positive ways to engage in their work in a range of conditions, from the good days to the stressful ones.

Pragmatic Practice
(Strengthening People)

Pragmatic Practice applies two important elements taken from the field of socio-emotional skills.  These elements help keep teams in touch with reality and build their resilience.  This helps teams to sustain and maximise their positive practice and their practical effectiveness as high-performing teams.

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